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SOME MAJOR NEWS:  We will be publishing three current comic

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and Some of his acquaintances (Lucrezia updated roughly weekly)

As Lucrezia is an ongoing story you can catch up by following the first hundred and fifty pages in the completed stories section here

Fleet Surgeon is now complete.  I’ll be keeping it up for the next few weeks in case you missed something.    the final pages are sketches used when drawing the various ship types   hope you enjoyed the comic.

I’ve added a number of pages to Lucrezia as trying to keep up with those published in drunk duck

Martin Falconer, knight and student of artillery, fled from England where a death sentence awaited.        His crime: being on the wrong side in the "War of the Roses"

This completes the story Martin and the Wild Hunt

Martin a loyal supporter of Richard III, allied himself totally to the Yorkist cause.  When Richard was betrayed and killed at the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485, and the Yorkist cause was doomed, Martin escaped to Italy.  As Martin reasoned:  "The Italians are always fighting among themselves.  One city-state against another, one faction against another" 

As an expert in the artillery of the day, he should have no problem finding employment.

Follow his adventures through Renaissance Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Eastern Europe, the Ottoman Empire and other places.  Follow his career as a mercenary Captain of Artillery, artist, actor (of sorts), pirate, and generally a person who could not seem to stay out of trouble.

“Exile”  takes place in August 1485 [Complete adventure]

"Martin and the Witches" takes place sometime between 1486-1489  [Complete adventure]

“Martin and the Duel” takes place after “Martin and the Witches” and after his adventures in Eastern

    Europe and sometime before 1490  [Complete adventure]

“Martin and the Commedia dell’ Arte” takes place around 1491 (Complete Adventure)

“Martin and the Siege takes place between 1486-1489 (Complete Adventure)

“Martin and Dracula takes place between 1486 -1489 (Complete Adventure)

“Martin and the Wild Hunt” takes place between escape from Prince Vlad and return to Italy  It can almost be considered a continuation of Martin and Dracula

Martin and Dracula was colored differently than the other adventures being with colored pencil enhanced with photoshop

Martin and the Wild Hunt is to be in an open format and inked without color

“Lucrezia and the Abbess” starts in 1485

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