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Hi, My name is Harold Shindel.  I am the creator, author, and artist for this comic strip.  I hope you like it.  The Adventures of Martin takes place during the Italian Renaissance; a period of time which interested me and which allows for a large range of action.  Many of his adventures will be quite bloody, others will be somewhat lighter.  I intend to keep the stories somewhat realistic (no super heros or super villains).

If you are interested in this character and would like to read more than what is published on the web, you will be able to buy graphic novels outlining his further adventures.  I hope to have the first one published in the foreseeable future.

Contact memailto:histadvcomics@mac.com?subject=WebSite
Completed storieshttp://histdvcomics.com/Completed_stories/Martin_and_the_Witches.html